Did you know over 1 million Americans are diagnosed with cancer each year? We offer the following to help patients identify their risk of cancer. Comprehensive Panel (39 Genes) Breast and Ovarian Panel (18 Genes) Colorectal, Endometrial, and Ovarian Panel (12 Genes) Lynch Panel (5 genes)

Understand patient’s genetic propensity to be non-responsive to certain medication classes or experience drug-to-drug interactions. We turn around our comprehensive, easy-to-understand reports quickly ensuring clinicians get this information quickly.

You or your partner could be carrying genetic mutations that identify serious health consequences. This could put your baby at risk. Our work identifies recessive disorders allowing parents to get out in front of health consequences. Arm yourself with this information with the following tests. ACOG / ACMG 13 with CF Panel Basic 5 with CF Panel

Infections to the respiratory tract are the most common, and potentially most severe infection treated by health care practitioners. Lower respiratory infections—along with influenza— are the most common cause of death by infection in the U.S. Pathway is able to accurately identify pathogen species and resistance genes quickly with the latest molecular biology techniques.

Urinary Tract Infections are one of the most common bacterial and fungal infections. They are responsible for more than 15 million office and emergency room visits in the U.S. a year. We utilize the latest biological techniques and methods—Real-Time Polymerase Chain reaction (qPCR) for Urinary Tract Microbiota. This allows us to identify the species of pathogen and detect resistance genes to optimize treatment.

10-15% of childbearing age women contract UTI’s, vaginitis, or bacterial vaginosis. It is the reason for an estimated 20 million annual medical visits in the US. Identify whether a patient has a UTI, and whether it is bacterial, fungal, or protozoal with our lab.

A streamlined ordering process. 24/7 specimen tracking. Your choice of collection media. All is accomplished with state of the art LC-MS/MS (Liquid Chromatography Tandem Mass Spectrometry).

The easiest to read, most comprehensive and robust report in the industry. Gain valuable insight into your patient’s health and nutrition with any of our tests.